Income Loss due to Actions of Civil Authority- Article by Roger Hillman

Coverage for income loss, also referred to as business interruption insurance, is commonly found in Commercial Property and Business Owner's policies. This provides coverage for loss of income as a result of the insured's suspension of operations. The most frequent triggering event for such coverage is physical damage to the business premises due to a covered peril such as fire or water damage, necessitating a closure for repair, rebuilding, or even relocation.
However, one unique aspect of business interruption coverage is income loss due to actions of civil authority. Such actions include something as minor as a road closure for repairs which access to a business or a significant as an order for closure of business in a larger area due to act of terrorism. In order to invoke such coverage, the cause, absent physical damage to theinsuredpremisesitself,mustbetheresultofphysicallossordamageto property away from the insured property as a result of an insuredperil which results in…

Jim Waldon speaks at Seattle University School of Law

On November 27, 2018 Jim Waldon spoke to law students attending an aviation law class taught by Robert Hedrick.  Jim spoke on the Process of Creating a Commuter Airline.   

Pilots who log Flight Time they did not fly may have effectively ended their Aviation Career

Many of us know, logging hours you did not fly is considered falsification of records by the FAA and is penalized with a revocation of all held certificates for up to one year.What isn’t as widely known is, such a pilot may be permanently banned from ever holding an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. For aspiring commercial pilots, the time between receiving a commercial pilot’s certificate (a minimum of 250 hours) and the time when a pilot builds sufficient flight hours to be hired as a pilot making much more than minimum wage, (about 1000 - 2000 hours) can be a difficult time.It generally takes such pilots years to build this time.During this time, these pilots are generally building time as a flight instructor or flying introductory or scenic flights – generally low paying jobs.The desire to build time quickly is understandable. It is a common story - a young, aspiring, impatient pilot at some point gets the urge to add a few hours to their log book.It might be after eight, one-…

2017 Tax Act - Article by Chris Jacob

At the end of 2017, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed what is now Public law no. 115-97, the 2017 “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” ("the Act").The Act has several immediate and long-term effects on general aviation tax issues that aircraft owners should note.
Elimination of Section 1031 Exchanges for Personal Property First, the Act eliminates like-kind exchanges under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code for all personal property, including aircraft, beginning in 2018.For those taxpayers who properly initiated 1031 exchanges prior to December 31, 2017 by acquiring a replacement aircraft or selling a relinquished aircraft, the benefits of a 1031 exchange will remain available subject to the previously applicable rules to allow the taxpayers to consummate the full tax-deferred exchange.All other aircraft owners will be henceforth subject to recapture for any taxable gain.Thus, owners with fully tax-depreciated aircraft in particular should plan to face a considera…

Insurance - The Elephant in the Room in Professional Liability Mediation

In the preparation for and participation in mediation, it is imperative that counsel, both for plaintiffs and defendants, be conscious of the critical role insurance has in resolving any liability matter.  Personal (e.g. auto, homeowners) and commercial (e.g. CGL, professional liability) insurance policies impose on the insurer the “duty to defend” any suit or claim under the policy.  Coextensive with this is the carrier’s right to control this defense.  This includes that the decision to settle rests exclusively with the carrier.
            The exceptions to this are professional liability policies (medical, legal).   These policies universally include a “consent to settle” clause, which provides that the carrier will not settle any suit or claim without the consent of the insured.  This often results in personal counsel for the insured participating in the mediation, even if insurance limits aren’t at play.  Policies differ on the treatment of a settlement that the carrier …

FAA Chief Counsel Charles M. Trippe to be a speak at IATSBA Conference

FAA Chief Counsel Charles M. Trippe has agreed to speak at the 2018 International Air and Transportation Safety Bar Association Conference.  Charlie Trippe was appointed Chief Counsel, AGC-1, at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in July 2017.
The IATSBA Conference will be held May 16 - 19, 2018 in Washington DC.  For the full agenda and to register for the conference visit or contact IATSBA President, Jim Waldon at or 206.612.7938.

International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association 2018 Conference

The International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association (IATSBA) will have its next annual conference on May 16, 2018 in Washington, D.C. at the Holiday Inn Washington Capitol, right in the heart of our Nation’s capital.
 “We are excited about our venue and our agenda” says Jim Waldon IATSBA President.  It’s anticipated that there will be a full turnout so please make your reservations – refer to the website for details including full agenda and guest speakers.