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Pilots who log Flight Time they did not fly may have effectively ended their Aviation Career

Many of us know, logging hours you did not fly is considered falsification of records by the FAA and is penalized with a revocation of all held certificates for up to one year.   What isn’t as widely known is, such a pilot may be permanently banned from ever holding an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. For aspiring commercial pilots, the time between receiving a commercial pilot’s certificate (a minimum of 250 hours) and the time when a pilot builds sufficient flight hours to be hired as a pilot making much more than minimum wage, (about 1000 - 2000 hours) can be a difficult time.   It generally takes such pilots years to build this time.   During this time, these pilots are generally building time as a flight instructor or flying introductory or scenic flights – generally low paying jobs.   The desire to build time quickly is understandable. It is a common story - a young, aspiring, impatient pilot at some point gets the urge to add a few hours to their log book.   It might b